Badass Is the New Skinny

011 | Why Your "Why" Matters

August 11, 2022 Sabrina Black Season 1 Episode 11
Badass Is the New Skinny
011 | Why Your "Why" Matters
Show Notes

You just set a weight loss goal - cool! Or you just set a fitness goal - right on!


In this podcast episode, we have a little heart-to-heart about establishing your "why" when you're setting a goal or figuring out what you want to do. I'll talk about this mostly in the context of weight loss because, c'mon, it seems like everyone is trying to lose weight all the time. Maybe only a slight exaggeration.

But the truth is, you can use this exercise around figuring out your "why" for pretty much any lifestyle goal. Using the 5 Whys method - a technique developed by Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota, in the 1930s - you can get to the heart of your goals.

What I even go into here is how when you apply the 5 Whys, you may even find out that your goal doesn't match what it is you're really trying to achieve and what's truly important to you. At this point, it's time to work backward! When you've gotten to the heart of your why, you may find that what you need isn't to lose weight, but instead to tackle your sleep habits so that you're getting better quality sleep. That was my experience - I defaulted to "I need to lose weight" instead of asking myself why or what I really needed, only to find I was focused on the wrong things. 

Come along with me for this chat as we dive into how you can use this tool, what you may discover, and - of course - why it matters!

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