Badass Is the New Skinny

008 | Is a Coach Really a Coach?

July 21, 2022 Sabrina Black Season 1 Episode 8
Badass Is the New Skinny
008 | Is a Coach Really a Coach?
Show Notes

Let's talk about the oversaturation of online coaches. Whether you're actually looking for information, support or guidance for something, or someone just randomly drops into your social media messages, there's no denying that "coach" carries a little bit of a connotation that isn't taken real seriously.

Because for real, it's like everyone and their mom is a coach these days. Especially since the pandemic hit and quarantines were our reality.

This is unfortunate and troubling because there are a lot of really great coaches out there who work really hard, leaning into their expertise, and creating great opportunities for people to learn and grow in whatever way they want or need.

The problem is there are a lot of people out there who are using the word "coach" as a superfluous title with no credentials and messed up training, much of which comes from multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) that will tell you pretty much ANYTHING to buy the product and sign up for their "business opportunity."

It's this sort of thing that makes real coaches look bad, makes it hard for them to stand out online in the inundating sea of "coaches," and makes it SUPER difficult for you, the consumer, to find a legit coach to help you achieve your goals. How are you supposed to know who's legit and who's worth whatever money you're willing to spend?

In this episode, I take you on a journey. We'll wander down some YouTube rabbit holes, talk about coaching credentials and scope of practice, MLM scams, and most importantly, 10 tips to help you identify if a coach is legit. 

Coaches have a wealth of knowledge and big hearts. There's so much value in finding a good coach, even if you're just engaging with their free content. Maybe taboo for me to say as a coach whose goal is to make a living through coaching - but there's a lot of great information out there for free. The difference is that free content will usually be more generic, while anything you pay for should be more detailed, specific, or even individually tailored to you. (That's a bonus tip for you!)

Put on your sassy pants and get comfy. This is gonna be a fun one!

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